Okay, think about the last argument you had.

Have you ever recall yourself spitting out the phrase “you always/never … something negative/hurtful”?

Chances are, sometimes, we let that slipped out.

The world is not always black and white.

There are shades of truths.

When you spit those words out of anger, not only you’re hurting the recipient, you’re actually factually incorrect!

Next time, when you feel that someone has always done that one thing that upsets you, say this instead:

“When you do [blank], I feel [blank]

For example:

When you do not off the electricity before heading out, I feel you’re not serious enough in helping us to save for that holiday we both wanted”

This can be applied to anything that is occurring and how it feels.

The other party cannot dispute this because they just did that thing. And, feelings are not something that can be up for dispute because we can feel however we want.

This way, at least you’re starting a discussion from a place of honesty and truth.

Then only you can work on behavior change later on rather than getting into a toxic argument.

Time is precious.

Don’t waste it on stupid arguments.