Not too long ago, I was in a car workshop because my car broke down during an evening drive back to the office.

He’s an old uncle of Indian ethnicity at his mid-50s. As he was lying on the floor face up, fixing my car; he struck a conversation.

He asked what I do for a living. I told him, like him, I run a small business.

What he told me next hit a chord in me as I’m practicing his advice as I type.

You know .. I hired a blanga last month .. paid him pretty well, RM3,500/month. And yet, during a busy day in the workshop .. right at 6pm .. he stood up and went to was his hands. Then, he walked towards me and waved and say “bye boss”. See you tomorrow.

I empathized with what he meant; recollecting my own experience running a company.

Then, he continued:

These day, you cannot rely on your workers. We need to know how to do the job ourselves. We need to know our business inside out and have what it takes to operate in case of emergency.

He said that while fixing my car. And I remembered thinking — what a weird moment to receive a business advice.

And he’s right. That moment inspired me real hard to perform some reflections. At my business, I rely on people who write articles, design visuals, produce videos, and design + code apps. If I try, I can pick up those skills as well. Perhaps this way, we can collaborate more effectively.

Today, as I’m writing this, I’ve completed 4 hours of UI design and soon, I’ll start to code a website on my own.

Start learning it yourself.

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