We live in a noisy world.

In my world, I’m constantly bomboarded with tsunamis of messages, notifications, social media posts .. you named it!

Unfortunately, that costs me into the spirit of impulsiveness.

I have the tendency to be distracted by new, shiny things. The dopamine doses are real.

Despite my ambitious long-term goals, I’m not reaching them fast enough as the short term urges are often times too tempting.

How do I fix this?

In order to increase motivation (or reduce procrastination), I need to reduce both impulsiveness and delay.

The plan:

Strategy Tactic Duration
Throw away the key Preemptively avoid temptation 5-10 minutes
Run a dash Work sprints followed by breaks 15-25 minutes
Make it painful to lose Add a negative consequences to failure 15 minutes
Deconstruct the temptation What does the temptation really consist of? 5-10 minutes
Throw away the key What will happen if you continute to procrastinate? 5-10 minutes

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