Warren Buffet is motivated to grow money exponentially. Elon Musk is freakishly driven to make science fiction a reality.

And Donald Trump is .. well naturally motivated by his own vanity.

It seems that the key ingredient to success is to ensure you are motivated at all times.

Of course life isn’t easy. There are always challenges, upsets, hard times and massive amounts of pain.

The only difference between the successful people and the next person is that they didn’t give up.

Below is an inner game technique I used to frame how I approach my life goals.

Choose a goal which the only failure is you quitting

The insight of the day is this — the best kind of motivation came from the natural desire to fulfil your role as a child, parent or the idea of the best version of you.

Dig deeper and try to understand why you picked this goal. Who are you letting down if you gave up? It could be your parent, your best friend, or it could very well be you.

Whoeever it is, you got to make this persoanl. That’s the inner game you want to carry to prevent your from quitting.

When you got that down, all unsuccessful attempts in reaching your goal can be framed as just mistakes that you can learn from.

Let me give you an example.

My story was I divded into the cold water of entrepreneurship while I was still in university.

I was majoring in psychology and I found out that majority of my seniors ended up in the local recruitment industry.

I began to imagine myself being a cog in the machine working as a headhunter or a job recruiter. The lack of freedom and autonomy annoy every single bone of my body.

If I pursue the career of a job recruitment, chances are I won’t stay long. As a person who feel more empowered with freedom and autonomy; this is not the right goal.

During the period I was contemplating my job prospect after graduation, I received some negative news about the financial situaton of my household.

That is easily the most significant turning point of my life. Blessing in disguise really.

Long story short, I began to explore the possibility of building a proftiable business. The business needs to help me provide for my family as well as give me the autonomy and freedom I require.

It was the riskiest goal I could ever aim for, especially when I associate the goal with something so personal.

Naturally, that became the undying source of motivation that eventually fueled my subsequent projects whether it’s a freelancing gig or business opportunities.

Failure is a mindset.

Failure is an experience when you gave up confidence in accomplishing your goal.

The bright side is, you can control this. Associate something personal and meaningful to your goal; and let your own intristic movitation resource take over.

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