The future is bright for folks who care to put in the work to build their personal brand online. We’re living in the golden age of cheap mass communication channels that we can download for free in seconds!

The future is bright because it’s easier than ever to build a business around your personal brands and the stories you want to tell.


Because it’s cheaper!

A decade ago, we need a production company, a TV network and agents and PR people to say “hello” to the world. That world has changed as inexpensive smartphones and computers are capable of capturing content we are eager to share. Apps like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube are our modern day radio, tv, magazines, etc

Let that sink in a moment. Imagine how much value you can produce if you put out your best content out there? When your content is out there, you will get discovered.

Think about it.

When you meet someone new, what do you do? You look them up online. Who we are “online” is, at its most basic form, a representation of who we are — or how you want people to perceive you.

If you want to have a credible reputation in your industry, start putting in the work today. Whilst it’s cheaper to build your personal brand today, but not easier. You still have to put in energy, time, creativity and work your way up to build your crowd.

How do get started?

  • If you’re great at talking — start a podcast.
  • If you’re comfortable in front of the camera — start a video channel
  • If you’re a natural at writing – start a blog
  • If you’re witty – start tweeting more

The possibilities are endless.

Time is limited, be your best, and make sure you brand yourself strongly online.